Monday, August 2, 2010

Beyond Techno-Bling: When Boring is Good

It seems that only when a technology tool has become totally familiar to a community of users that the tool reaches its greatest efficiency.  The tool is reliable, tech support requests drop off, and a high percentage of the community uses it, believes in it, and depends upon it.

What do tech leaders do to implement a new tool within the community?

  • Use it yourself
  • Survey "early adopters" for interest level
  • Bring building tech support people up to speed
  • Pilot with early adopters, who can act as mentors later
  • Make the tool available to all users in the community
  • Incorporate incentives for using

1 comment:

  1. Incentives is an interesting part to your list. I guess incentives work both face to face and online! These are great tips that I think would motivate educators to try a new tool.