Saturday, August 7, 2010

Partnership 21: Route 21 - Browse the Resources!

Assessing 21st century skills--wow--there are a lot of interesting tools here!  You can expand the search page to put in a lot of different parameters.  Are some of the tools just described on these pages? OR, for each link, are the actual tools (assessments, or whatever) there and ready to go? 

Maybe I just got lucky; maybe they are all this good, I don't know.  I put in some general search terms, focusing on ICT skills.  A topic comes up in the list from Intel entitled "Assessing Projects"--hmmm, I know of Intel, and I do want to assess project work.  This link also happens to be an Editor's Pick (that's good, too).  I read about it; then "Try it", then find the "Demo" link and it takes me to a library of rubrics.  You choose the 21st century skill, choose the grade level, and click--to the right you will see the complete rubric, which can be exported to a Word document and saved.  You can customize the rubrics as well.

BTW, did I say that I have an assignment due about rubric writing?  Just one more plus for this awesome resource!

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  1. That worked out perfectly for you!! Thanks for the great tip!