Sunday, August 1, 2010

Current events challenge

Some of the background reading for Module 6 has been really interesting.  Following are a couple excerpts from the Des Moines Sunday Register, August 1, 2010 edition.  First person from class to identify what’s going on with this business that relates to our reading gets a gold star! (Then I’ll have to figure out how deliver an electronic gold star to you!)

“One Part at a Time:  Des Moines software company GCommerce is teaming with Microsoft to help the auto parts industry solve a $20 billion problem…”

“After GCommerce created efficiencies in the auto parts supply chain, customers pleaded: Make it easier for us to fulfill special orders, such as requests for parts that aren’t stocked.”

“The parts explosion is getting realy bad,” Bauer said. In the 1980s the average warehouse had 75,000 part numbers. Today, the inventory stretches to 350,000, as more vehicles and more models have hit the market, and more consumers hold on to cars longer. In five to seven years, that could rise to 500,000…”

“Lost sales, employee time and other problems with special orders represent 80 percent of the costs in the supply chain, GCommerce estimates.”

“GCommerce finds answer to problem  “in the clouds” – [Virtual Inventory Cloud is what they are designing]

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